III Ibero-American Systemic Solutions Congress for Organizational Transformation

The III Ibero-American Congress of Systemic Solutions for the Transformation of Organizations (III CISSTO) will take place on December 1, 2 and 3, 2021 and will be the third Ibero-American Congress of this type, organized by the Spanish Society of General Systems (SESGE). ) . With the motto “Systemic Lessons derived from the Crises”, is oriented towards the presentation of concrete solutions to complex problems, based on the differential marked by the concepts and methodologies of Systemic Thinking and Design, Cybernetics, Complexity studies and the impact of New Technologies on Society, on People and in Organizations; this in the face of the challenge posed by their transformation in the 21st century.

The III CISSTO will be open to the participation of public and private entities from Ibero-America (Spain, Portugal and Latin America), and seeks the integration of professional organizations and communities from these regions, who are interested in systemic thinking and its practical applications.

Link to the III CISSTO website