Presentation Spanish Society of General Systems (SESGE)

 The Board of Directors of the SESGE and the REPSOL Foundation held an informative session on the General Systems and the projects in progress, on June 21, 2016 at Velázquez Street, 166 - 28002 in Madrid.

 This interactive meeting was aimed at presenting what organizations can do to enhance and manage their operations and businesses based on the General Systems Theory.

The Agenda and presentations are available for download through the following links (in spanish only):

Download the Agenda of the event.

Download Julián Plana's presentation: XXI Century.

Download Francisco Parra Luna's presentation: Introduction to the Spanish Society of General Systems.

Download the presentation of Rafael Rodríguez de Cora: Presentation of the Spanish Society of General Systems.

Download Eva Díaz Oñoro's presentation: Digital Transformation and General Systems Theory.

Download the presentation of José Manuel Trejo Menayo: The General Theory of Systems and Innovation. The Repsol Case.

Download the presentation by Ana Moyano and José Miguel Reyes (Speaker): TGS applied to the recovery of Highly Vulnerable Degraded Tissues (TDAV).