Francisco Parra Luna’s Second Presidency

A new phase began that suggested a change of headquarters from Valencia to Madrid. Thanks to Rafael Rodriguez de Cora’s initiative, SESGE is making an effort to strengthen and update the three functions that have been developed in the Valencian phase: didactic (management is organizing a Master of Systems), investigation (the RIS continues to be associated with Valencia University), and international through the organizations that SESGE already has a relationship with.

 It is worth remembering and emphasizing that all these activities will be motivated by the integral humanism that initially inspired Rafael Rodríguez Delgado and that later others have continued to develop models of value systems that, for example, the so-called PRVU (Referential Pattern of Universal Values) they only pursue, in any future activity in which the SESGE intervenes, that the principles of health, ecology and well-being of people, their individual development, their safety and their participation in the processes, are compatible with the values ​​of Freedom, Distributive Justice and Moral Prestige that must preside over all acts of the SESGE, both in reference to the objectives pursued and, above all, to the means used.

 To carry out this work, I have to preside and have a group of collaborators that I am proud of, beginning with the promoter of the new SESGE (Rafael Rodríguez de Cora) and continuing with the now historic Julián Plana, with Rafael Soler and Rodolfo Hernández. coming from the Valencia team, as well as for the new blood represented by the new members located in Madrid.

 And of course, for this old and good friend who always collaborated so much with SESGE, such as Antonio Colomer Viadel, professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. To all of them, my thanks for their trust.

 Francisco Parra Luna President of SESGE July 2015