Development of the System Masters and the International Systems Magazine

Lorenzo FerrerLorenzo Ferrer


Since the foundation of SESGE, it has developed its activities first in Madrid and later in Valencia. Since 1997 and under the aegis of Lorenzo Ferrer who, as a professor at the University of Valencia, created the School of Operational Research in which the closest members of SESGE developed an activity focused as much in teaching (Master in Systems); as in research (International Review of Systems); as in international relations consisting of participation in various conferences organized by the Union Européénne des Systémes, the International Society for the Systems Sciences and other systemic societies like French, Greek or British ones. During this time, apart from the invaluable work of Professor Lorenzo Ferrer, we must highlight the research and scientific work carried out by Antonio Caselles and Rafael Pla, not to mention Ignacio Martínez de Lejarza, Rodolfo Hernandez, Rafael Soler, and Rafael Lostado as its last president. All of them are owed explicit recognition for their work.