Project: Ecobarrio Haina 1.0

The General Systems Theory is already being applied in practice, with Peter Checkland 's Soft Systems Methodology approach to a development project in a city near San Cristóbal in the Dominican Republic , to recover highly vulnerable degraded social fabrics. . Haina 1.0 Eco-neighbourhood Project )

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Security Methodology

Organizational transformation methodology that acts from the awareness of understanding organizations as living, integral and dynamic systems. Systems in constant change to be able to readapt to the environment in which they operate.

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Epistemology is the branch of philosophy concerned with knowledge. Epistemology, like the theory of knowledge, deals with issues such as historical, psychological, and sociological circumstances that are aimed at gaining knowledge and the criteria that justifies or invalidates it. Epistemology was first seen in Ancient Greek, with philosophers such as Plato or Parmenides. · Text with eCC-BY-SA licence