Security Methodology

Organizational transformation methodology that acts from the awareness of understanding organizations as living, integral and dynamic systems. Systems in constant change to be able to readapt to the environment in which they operate.

  • Definition of the objectives of the organization. Decision-making mechanisms based on external and internal conditions, to meet Objectives.
  • Definition of the upper and lower limits of each functional subsystem for the definition of metrics and indicators. In this way, the resilience of the organization can be measured. life support functions. Design of the organization's Immune System. Disaster Contingency Plans.
  • Definition of the field of action of the organization in the environment. That is, what part of the environment affects the system and what part of the organization affects the environment.
  • Definition of the flexibility of the organization in relation to the environment. Conditions and degrees of opening-closing of the membrane (border) of the organization.
  • Definition of the Absolute and Relative Values ​​of the Organization at a given moment in time.
  • Values ​​imply compliance and ethical behaviors. To the extent that the organization "complies" with the environment, it may request help from other supra-systems in the environment for external support, in case of emergencies. External support functions for security and emergencies.
  • Definition of the Organization's Theaters of Operations. Risk Management in each environment (Land, Sea, Air, Space and Cyberspace)
  • Management and analysis of risks and compliance with the Supply Chain. Other external organizations related to the system can "contaminate" or "infect" the organization itself and vice versa.
  • Ecosystem analysis and management. Within the environment, we must be aware of our own and closest ecosystem.
  • It will also be necessary to take into account the relevant or more distant International Relations, being in a global world and all systems are interdependent to a greater or lesser extent.